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Submitting Your Story

We would love to hear your story that involves using the J316 resources in ministry.   The story should be a couple of paragraphs and focus on how the J316 resources were used.  It would be great if your story can be accompanied with some pictures.  You may see some of the stories already submitted.

To submit your story, please email them to info@j316ministries.com.  Please read the guidelines listed below before writing your story.


  Focus of how the J316 resources were used
  Limit the story to a couple of paragraphs (max 3 to 4)
  List the Name of your Ministry, Church or Group if any
  List the Place or Destination of your mission or activity
  List the Date of the mission or activity
  Do not mention any names of persons or organizations that do not want to be named
  Attached Photos can be in any format (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG)
  Attached Photo must be of high quality and at least 1024x768 pixels in size
  Attach a maximum of 10 photos

Legal Notice

IMPORTANT:  By submitting your story and photos to us you are:
1) giving j316ministries.com permission to display your story and photos on our website in any way, without any claims for compensation.
2) admitting that you are the legal owner of the photo, or have the permission of the legal owner.

j316ministries.com will not sell or distribute the story or photos in any form.

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